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Barikad Crew Kanaval 2010 - Teyat

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Watch The Barikad Crew Kanaval 2010 - Teyat Video, Barikad Crew Is One The Hottest Haitian Hip Hop - Rap Kreyol - Group In Haiti

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Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (121)

Fresline Saint Fort says...

i love it.bu, i want 2 see the video.

i love barikad 4

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Fab says...

barikad always the best, keep it up i enjoy

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Danble says...

that shit rock. Keep it up. y'all doing a great

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Maze Le Patron says...


Le compte a rebours a commencé Le boeuf étais

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Dj X says...

big for barikad crew i love this band especialy for izolan, famtom.and other.rest in peace for young

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Belinda says...

respecte barikad

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Harry says...

Felicitation a Baricade crew Je suis fiere de vous. n'abandonne jamais le Rap

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Liledd says...

i love this

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Bernadinaugustave says...

barikad is furk tup no largent nan

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F D Ration International De La Danse Et La Musique Traditionnelle Haitienne says...

Fédération International de la danse et la Musique Traditionnelle Haitienne
17, impasse de Joinville BP 17 Telisma BAT 17 b 75019 PARIS FRANCE
Bureaux Tel : 0033627309595 BUREAUX feindamutraha at

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