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Bwa2Best Kanaval 2010 - Taye Afro

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Kisa-w panse
de Kanaval sa?
Bay Opinion-w...

Watch The Bwa2Best Kanaval 2010 - Taye Afro Video, Kanaval 2010 Bwa2best, Bwa Nan Dada Majorie

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Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (2)

Reginald 19xx says...

mwen te panse sete bossa combo avek bit rapid sa a antouka bon kanaval meme si se bit ane

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Jeff says...

I Like this kanaval, it's like like old school Haitian compas carnaval and the beat is fast

I like it

Sa ap bel wi sou champs de

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Subject: Bwa2Best Kanaval 2010 - Taye Afro edit

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