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Ram Kanaval 2014 - Se Pa Saw Te Di - Official Video

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de Kanaval sa?
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Gade video RAM Kanaval 2014 la... Se Pa Saw Te Di

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Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (5)

Neg Lakay says...

Every year they (RAM) comes always with the best of the best. RAM is the most underrated artists in this business.

By the way, love your hat

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Janbayiti says...

You gwo tonton konpliman pou gwoup RAM, yo frape trè fò ankò on lòt fwa
avèk mereng kanavalèsk sa-a.Se di- lere difèt ke rès gwoup nou yo de- make aspè fòlklorik k'nan kilti-n lan.Ram, kenbe rèd pa moli, se moli-a

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Grandra says...

Kriz Rara Kanaval 2014

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Mitou says...

In term of Culture, Haiti is losing the best part of this culture.

carnaval (ou Kanaval) today is different than what is the true Carnaval of Haiti.

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Nicolas F Jacques says...

I think the RAM Kanaval is best. TERRIFIC! They need to put them in the Karnaval of Gonives.

That is a MUST! Very good job Richard and

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Subject: Ram Kanaval 2014 - Se Pa Saw Te Di - Official Video edit

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