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Project Boyz Kanaval 2008, Woule De Bo

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de Kanaval sa?
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Project Boyz -- Woule De Bo Kanaval 2008 Project Boyz new Kanaval 2008 video. The title of the Kanaval is "Woule De Bo" This year along with last year is Kanaval is the hottest Kanaval in Haiti and the rest of the carribean.. Project Boyz got this

Tags: project boyz, rap kreyol kanaval, Kanaval 2008

Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (2)

Ruth Nelson says...

New Haitian generation totally lose the Haitian culture.

I don't see the other countries new generation give up their culture and adopt the Haitian culture.

Come on, le't s be

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Dapheney says...

da beat is hot, but they need 2 put some clothes on the ladies, come

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