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Dixie Band Haitian Carnival 1985

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de Kanaval sa?
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Watch the Dixie Band Haitian Carnival 1985 video, DIXIE BAND performing their first place meringue Toto Bric a Bric Toto Tchou Tchoup at the 1985 Haitian Carnival Port au Prince Haiti

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Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (2)

Ralph says...

That band: Dixie Band was the best.

Best music, best and clear sound.

I was a teen at this time and i enjoy that

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Rony W Decayette says...

i hope the new haitians group learn how kanaval in haiti use to be.
sound, ambiance,festivities, mixed,the taste, teh envy, the heat of music, etc.
so sorry, we lost to much in

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