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Barikad Crew - Kanaval 2006 -Trip Nap Trip

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de Kanaval sa?
Bay Opinion-w...

Watch the Barikad Crew Kanaval 2006 Trip Nap Trip haiti music video. One of the biggest hits of 2006

This is Barikad Crew's song released for this... year's Kanaval. The song that made them even more popular after the single "Kijan l te ye" dropped

Tags: Kanaval 2006, barikad crew, Rap Kreyol, BC, Kanaval 2006

Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (4)

Kanaval Lover says...

ANyone have the Wclef 2006 Kanaval

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Jr says...


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Herick says...

this one was the best of barikad, best beat, best rap.from haitian souljah, neg

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Ruth says...

danm that song rock

i am so proud to be haitian.

thats my country.

si ou renmen peyi sa bat men 'w.rele

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