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Sweet Micky Kanaval 2009 Lage 2 Gidon

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Watch the Sweet Micky Kanaval 2009 Lage 2 Gidon video,

Tags: sweet micky, michel martelly, Kanaval 2009

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Midgego At Aol.com says...

Micky baby I love you very much'
kimbe shaba paske se haitien pareil ou li ye. Love for you love for djakout misik;; le ou sous parkway a
jazz ou a sonner et ou toujour paye
micky pas janm soti gratis vive micky vive djakout vive

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Jackyto . N says...

men granmoun sa kisa w genyen wap toujou rete met beton bon bagay mwen pwal lage 2

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Chinou says...

je suis folle de ce goupe.

toujours au top

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Bongoman Tv says...

Mr, President Sweet Mickey on behalf of Bongoman Tv and all my viewers (Bongomania) I would like to congratulate you and your band for this presentation once again you prove it President you are the only true haitian entertainer and I want to let you know you are more than welcome to participate on my Tv show Bongoman Tv
Channel 3 Somerville, Mass. 02143 Feel free to let me know my show aired on Somerville Community Access Tv From 1:00 Pm - 2:00 Pm Every

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Ti Chouchou says...

allo presidan ti moto u make a good kanaval 2009 for real is good congratulation

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Ti Yane says...

Brother, you remain the

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Stephanie says...

ou fout bon michel.

michel chapo pou

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Rejinal says...

Ansyen bon toujou bon. Micky te a te toujou

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Zacharie says...

abitye fait ap toujou fait, sweet micky bon bagay, respekte granmoun met beton.

se 3 jou a nap kontrole beton an e nap wouli sou yo, sak pa bon ciklis nap pase sou yo.sak kapap an

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Moly says...

sweet micky toujou rete presidan kompa, mete chapo ate pou salie prezidan nou

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