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de Kanaval sa?
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Tags: Yekini, Kanaval 2009

Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (12)

David says...

este grupo es la ostia menuda marcha me da me alegra el dia no puedo parar en el sitio me transforma me entra por los hoidos y me transforma en algo com mucho

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Naima Princess says...

ewww that y they don't respect haitians y'all shouldn't do that
the're kids watchin that ain't a gre8t think to do and say in fron't of them

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Mary says...

That why thy don't respect us haitian people.

I feel so ashame that I'm haitian.

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Julienne Chrispin says...

This is a disgrace, embarrassing

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Mary says...

That is the stupidest crnaval ever, they don't respect women, those women in the video deserve to call bitck, AKA

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Lanbert Carl says...

Watch this video, it is the best Haiti kanaval

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Dunn says...

bel bagay get at me for the rimix dunnpolo at

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Carl Craig says...

We are at our lowest...ever...I am so glad that I will not be in Haiti during the

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Nonnn says...

mwen renmen sa, languet manman

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Mr E says...

yo dats was good, keep doing

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