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Haiti Kanaval 2009 Carimi Live Day 1 TropikTV

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Kisa-w panse
de Kanaval sa?
Bay Opinion-w...

Watch the Haiti Kanaval 2009 Carimi Live Day 1 TropikTV video, Kanaval Info If you want to watch Haiti Kanaval 2009 online on the Internet then login to TropikTV on February 22 23 and 24 Hait Kanaval 2009 can been seen live In South Florida Dade and Broward the islands of the Bahanas Turk and Caicos Islands Martinique and Guadeloupe or online at TropikTV Details Visit this page See all the Haiti Kanaval Carnival pictures and videos visit Leave a Message for Orchestre Septentrional here For a lis of all Haitian events go to Info about Tourism in Haiti including Royal Caribbean Cruises to Labadee Haiti and the Dragon s Breath zip line over Labadee Haiti visit For everything else about Haiti Visit

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Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (2)

Sunny Bay Cola says...


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Joe says...

Carimi pren tout jazz yo li mete yo nan yon blender li fe ou ju-naval pou tout mounn nan kanaval la.

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Subject: Haiti Kanaval 2009 Carimi Live Day 1 TropikTV edit

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