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Rev La Kanaval 2008, La paix

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de Kanaval sa?
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Watch the Rev La Kanaval 2008 La paix Haiti music video.
"Beautiful song and touching lyrics" sayt the person who posted the video on YouTube

Tags: rasin music, Rev La, Kanaval 2008

Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (2)

Beckhamdorsainvil says...

my name is beckham and i'm coming at y'all all the way from the bahamas; wat i really want to say is ti pay is the best haitian singer ever and i'd really appreciate it if ti pay could send me an email [at beckhamdorsainvil at myspace.com cause i've been trying to get his email address for the longest now so please ti pay holler at me man cause i love a

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Jean says...

I'm Jean nd I live in Brooklyn, I want 2 say thanks 2 T-Pay. I love u so much bkuz u got a great voice nd then u know what u're

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