Brothers Posse - Kanaval 2015 - Bon Bo A - Official Video

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de Kanaval sa?
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Gade VIDEO Haiti Kanaval 2015 saa... Brothers Posse - Kanaval 2015 - Bon Bo A

Kisa-w panse de Kanaval saa?

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Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (7)

Lookens Ferdinand says...

Li tuju

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Ricky says...

Tres bon pour cette annee.

Mw menm mw nan bon bo a

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Kinsly says...

Kato se vagabon santi
Lap itilize neg geto, pou l fe KOB li, fuck that stupid ass kato, preval ki patap regle anyen epi'l tap sipote fuck that

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3473584025 says...

Am sorry for my comment am on the president martelly side but this carnival is wonderful I like

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Wilfraandsanitjules says...

Pou trouve se yon bel kanaval mw swete yo jwen cha

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Willy Brice 954464 says...

The tradition, conviction, value, believe, honestly, not enough to say love you

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Theluma Mackendy says...

Sur la pointe des pieds king

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