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Djakout #1 Kanaval 2015 - 2 Gidon - Official Video

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Kisa-w panse
de Kanaval sa?
Bay Opinion-w...

Anpil moun di Djakout #1 pwal kraze pakou kanaval la... Gade Video saa... Djakout #1 Kanaval 2015 - 2 Gidon - Official Video

Kisa-w panse de video kanaval saa?

Ou se fanatik Djakout #1

Kite yon mesaj

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Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (6)

Sanon Vladimir says...

mwen mnm m chagrin la c kanaval 2016 la map tan la wi

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Marie Baronvil says...

I think the video is very nice. Djakout is my favorite singer.

Keep on doing a good job. Thank u guys.

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W C Brice says...

Djatkout # 1. My God, to much, to much. No challenge, last night l was sorry for T- vice.

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Evens says...

Twice Jwen anko ané sa a

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Marilyn R says...

bon bagail, i love it, great job djakout

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Roodly says...

Djakout for life et champions en 2015

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Kisa-w panse de Video Kanaval saa? Kite yon mesaj!

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Subject: Djakout #1 Kanaval 2015 - 2 Gidon - Official Video edit

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