Haiti Carnaval Videos

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Crystal Secure Nou La Pi Red Kanaval 2003Crystal Secure Nou La Pi Red Kanaval 2003
Watch the Crystal Secure Nou La Pi Red Kanaval 2003 video, kanaval 2003
Afro Tempotv Request Kanaval 2004Afro Tempotv Request Kanaval 2004
Watch the Afro Tempotv Request Kanaval 2004 video, Afro Tempo Request Kanaval 2004 AfroTempo
Kanaval 2009 Delivre Haiti Kanaval 2009 Delivre Haiti
4,216 views • 1 Comments
Watch the Kanaval 2009 Delivre Haiti video, Brand new band straight from Haiti This song is hot yo
RAM Kanaval 2006, Padone YoRAM Kanaval 2006, Padone Yo
Watch the Ram Kanaval 2006 Padone Yo Haiti music video, Manman-w pa gen lwa, papa-w pa gen lwa, sa-w fe nan gede!
C Projects Kanaval 2008C Projects Kanaval 2008
3,341 views • 1 Comments
Watch the C Projects Kanaval 2008 video,
C Projects Kanaval 2010 - Nou RiveC Projects Kanaval 2010 - Nou Rive
4,549 views • 5 Comments
Watch The C-Projects Kanaval 2010 - Nou Rive Video. Nou Rive Kanaval 2010 By C-projects, You Can All The Tracks From...
T Vice Kanaval 2008T Vice Kanaval 2008
4,424 views • 2 Comments
Watch the T Vice Kanaval 2008 video, T vice kanaval 2008 SiklonReal Graphcity
Gabel Kanaval 2013 - TouboudiGabel Kanaval 2013 - Touboudi
Watch the Gabel Kanaval 2013 video - Touboudi
Ram Day 2 Live In HaitiRam Day 2 Live In Haiti
Watch the Ram Day 2 Live In Haiti video,
Kanaval 2008 Take OffKanaval 2008 Take Off
Watch the Kanaval 2008 Take Off video, Don t know anything about this band Here s their vid and song for the 2008...