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Watch the Bet Lamp video, In Action new Kanaval 2009 video The title of the Kanaval is Bet Lamp This year along with last year s Kanaval is the hottest Kanaval in Haiti and the rest of the carribean In Action got this thing on lock since day one Visit us atorto keep in touch with upgrades shows including tickets singles and everything that the In Action has going on Thank you for all the support in advance

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Kenny says...

youngj ti danje mwen wew bon

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Wislande says...

Afe kob mwen map jere, fok timoun yo bel net...mwen renmenn timesye, Bon

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Paniela Ruiz says...

Que carnaval..A mi lo me gusta "Bet Lamp" Ya guys did a good job, I understand a lil bit creole, i think the beat is crazy como un

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Neg Ou Pe-a says...

This is the best carnival of the 2009 "Bet Lamp" Nice topic and Crazy flow, Nice Beat and nice script...

Keep it up

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