Haitian Killaz Kanaval 2009 - Ti Fi Paste A

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de Kanaval sa?
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Watch The Haitian Killaz Kanaval 2009 Ti Fi Paste A Video Featuring In Action, Blacko, Black Neldy, Tifi Paste A

Tags: haitian killaz, In action, rap kreyol kanaval, solja ree, killaman, Kanaval 2009

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Jean Coriolan says...

Pitit paste yo fe anpil bagay ki pa
bon. Pandan yo vle pou ou legliz

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Guerline Louine says...

hey i don't care about who u R i'm just telling U next time u wanna have a haitian carnival out just donate the money to haiti coz the video of tifi pastè was like a barikad crew wanna be

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Killaman says...


i just l0ve my haterz.

well 4ur inf, i'm fant0m lil cusin

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Farolove says...

mesye pa fe moun pale nou mal ok, sa se beat bc. cheche beat pan

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Sexy Dayan says...

Guys stop hating on ppl stuff...get a life....I love the Topic and this is a commericial song..and why y'all always talking about ppl copy

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Jonas says...

Every wants to hear something they never heard before, so what is it has the same beat as Barikad crew, that's fine, it's rap creole, it's all about lyrics, the more similar the beat, the better they can mix it at hip hop parties,

get a

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Guerline Louine says...

too similar to ti fi pile ti gason pyafe and i hate copy cat wow is it BC or what lol suck and not unique i'm

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