Haiti Afranchis Costume

Haiti Afranchis Costume

Here is a photo of Fredo and a couple of Haitian models, one dressed in Affranchis outfit, taken during the Haiti Star Parade for Kanaval 2008.

About the Affranchis of Haiti

The affranchis of Haiti were the emancipated slave of Haiti back in the days when Haiti was still a colony

The Affranchis of Haiti used to be called free people of color or gens de couleur libre in french even when they born free.

Most of the Afranchis or free people of color were mulattoes, or of mixed race.

As the decades passed, tthe affranchis comprised a growing free class between the grands blancs and slaves.

The term Affranchi comes from the French word affranchisement meaning emancipation.

About Fredo

Haitian racine singer Frederic Pierre Louis aka Fredo is the lead singer of Kanpech

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