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Haitian Actor And Singer Lionel Benjamin

Here is a photo, Haitian Actor And Singer Lionel Benjamin, taken during the Haiti Star Parade for Kanaval 2008.

Lionel Benjamin is famous for his Haitian christmas song Se Mwen Ab De Nwel.

See [www.belfim.com/moun.php/33 Lionel Benjamin's Movie Profie] on Belfim.com

Haitian Haitian Michael Benjamin aka Mika Ben is the son of the Lionel Benjamin

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Carla Bluntschli says...

Canadian Broadcasting Company radio journalist would like to get in touch with Lionel as soon as possible, he is here in Haiti until December 11th. If he is available to see us or there is a phone number where we can reach him, please let us know. Mwen rete isit ann Ayiti, email mwen se: tantka1 at gmail.com

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