Haiti Kanaval 2016 - Haiti Carnaval 2016

Gonaives - FREE Tourist Excursions for Kanaval 2014 Visitors to local tourist destinations

Gonaives - Tourism Ministry offering FREE Excursions to local tourist destinations Did you know? Haiti Ministry of tourism is offering FREE excursions for Kanaval 2014 visitors to visit the tourist destinations in Gonaives and in Artibonite region... Did I mention it's FREE? more »

Gonaives - Kanaval Stands Getting their Final Touches hours before Kanaval starts

Gonaives - Kanaval Stands - 1 Day Before Kanaval Hours before Kanaval officially starts, The stands in downtown Gonaives are getting their final touches... Lots of colors... Lots of paint... Everyone is busy trying to be ready for Karnaval Sunday... LOOK at all the photos here... more »

Gonaives - Pre-Kanaval 2014 - Rollerbladers came out for a Street Performance!

Gonaives - Pre-Kanaval 2014 - Rollerbladers Street Performance Haitian rollerbladers came out for a street performance a few nights before the Kanaval... The city residents were amazed... Men women and children lined up to watch... Look at the photos here... more »

PHOTOS: The City of Gonaives Planting New Trees on Both Sides of Road...

City of Gonaives Planting Trees along Route Nationale No 1 Gonaives Haiti - Landscaping - As you enter the city of Gonaives this weekend for Kanaval 2014, you will notice new trees planted along the sidewalks, on both sides, on Route Nationale #1... more »

PHOTOS: Gonaives Kanaval stands are being Painted and Decorated...

Gonaives - Carnival Stands - Painting and Decorating Downtow Gonaives is in Living Color... The Gonaives Haiti carnival stands are receiving their final touches... Lots of Paint... Colorful Designs... Look at all the photos here... more »

PHOTOS: President Martelly Arrives in Gonaives Haiti for Kanaval 2014

Gonaives - President Martelly rive pou Kanaval 2014 la Gonaives Haiti - President Martelly arrives in Gonaives earlier this afternoon... My guess is he is here for the carnival which start on Sunday... President Martelly walked through the carnival route (Pakou kanaval la) while the people of Gonaives were cheering him along the way... Look at all the photos here... more »

PHOTOS: Gonaives residents came out in masses to see all the Kanaval Floats (Char Carnaval Yo)

Haiti Kanaval 2014 Chars - Park Vincent Gonaives Gonaives Haiti - Local Residents filled up Parc Vincent, the Gonaives soccer field, last night in order to see and touch and all the carnival floats (chars carnaval) that arrived in the city yesterday, many of them saw this for the first time... Men, women and children all fill up the park, I noticed many residents bringing their kids to see these gigantic musical float that will line up and vibrate the city starting Sunday... See all the photos here... more »

PHOTOS: Gonaives Haiti Newly Paved Roads - Avenue Leon Legros

Gonaives Haiti - Newly Paved Road - Avenue Leon Legros Gonaives is getting a fresh new look for Kanaval 2014 including newly paved roads... If you are familiar with Gonaives, Avenue Leon Legros (route ki dèyè simityè-a) is getting a brand new asphalt pavement... We drove through it the moment it was being paved... Look at all the photos here... more »

PHOTOS: Gonaives Carnival Stands are nearly finished

Kanaval 2014 - Stands Construction - Gonaives Haiti - 26 Fev 2014 Look at these photos... The Gonaives Haiti Kanaval 2014 stands are almost finished... They are all painted white and almost ready for their new owners to decorate... Here are some photos from late yesterday afternoon... more »

Char Carnaval 2014 yo Fek Rive Nan Gonaives Haiti...

Char Carnaval 2014 - Gonaives Haiti Gen anvirion yon douzaine char ki fek ateri nan Gonaives pou Kanaval 2014 la... Pep gonaives yon kontan... Machine ki ap pase bay anpil ponponp (kout klaxsonn) le char yo rive nan vil la... more »