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Septentrional Kanaval 2009

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de Kanaval sa?
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Watch the Septentrional Kanaval 2009 video, More Info Carnaval Haiti Carnival Haiti Kanaval Haiti Mardi Gras Haiti You don t have to go all the way to Rio De Janeiro Brazil to enjoy carnival Try our caribbean carnival in Haiti 3 full days of fun and excitement only two hours away from Miami Florida In this video You are listening to the Septentrional Haiti Kanaval 2009 Orchestre Septentrional is a band from the Haitian city of Cap Haitien that has been in existance for a very long time also in this video you will see some nice pictures of Cap Haitien and Labadee Beech Haiti Haitians call it Labadie Related Links See all the Haiti Kanaval Carnival pictures and videos visit Leave a Message for Orchestre Septentrional here Finr our where Septentrional is playing next go to Info about Tourism in Haiti including Royal Caribbean Cruises to Labadee Haiti and the Dragon s Breath zip line over Labadee Haiti visit For everything else about Haiti Visit

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Comments/Opinion sou kanaval saa... (8)

Alerte Jean Mackendy says...

se sal ye gran moun se gran moun deja
bon bagay selaj kap monte eksperians
la ret toujou jen n felisitasyon aux
musiciens de

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Billy Proph Te says...

For the 2009 Carnival, Septen's musical production is among the most striking ones.
Keep up the good work !


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Billy Proph Te says...

La méringue carnavalesque de Septen mérite toute appréciation; le rythme est entraînant, les paroles sont porteuses de sens. Le guitariste et l'organiste font du bon boulot !
C'est une question de Litt

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Apple Jean says...

i like you music and it reminder of my

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Berthauny Bernard says...

mouin se yon fanatikmalad ki pap janm pa renmen nou kenbe pi di pa lage kontinye konsaok .Bonn chans pou bon kanaval

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Rifanest Metellus says...

kimbe pa laje septen ou toujou la pired pired nap fout yo baton voizin veye

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Philome says...

I enjoyed it. Septentrional is the best, always.

Job well done. Keep it up

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Frantzca Pearls says...

I love the beat and the sounds of this carnival good job guys.


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