Haiti Kanaval 2015 in HINCHE, The Mayor of Hinche tells President Martelly

Emmanuel Philippe, the Mayor of Hinche Haiti tells President Martelly: "The people of Hinche only wants me to ask you for ONE thing and one thing only: Kanaval 2015 in Hinche..."

Emmanuel Philippe, Majistra Hinche la, nan Inauguration INAMUH - Pandiassou Haiti

Haiti President Michel Martelly stopped in Plateau Central for an inauguration at Pandiassou and the mayor of Hinche made sure he made the Kanaval request for the people of Hinche...

Everyone cheer, including myself a proud resident of Hinche who has been promoting Kanaval for so many years... Kanaval 2015 in Hinche would mean so much in in terms of infrastructure for Hinche...

Hinche t-ap resi dekole si Kanaval National 2015 la te fet nan vil la...

Kisa-a panse?

Kite yon mesaj

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Pierre Jean Widens says...

Mwen kontan paska kanavalla ap fe port au

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Marc-sony Etienne says...

ki kite kanaval la ap

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Sanders says...

li tap cool yes for Hinche

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Englead says...

Non a port au prince de

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Darius John Kelly says...

Se t'ap yon si bel bagay si kanaval la t a fet Hinche, se tap tap yon gwo bagay pou tout plato

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Sou says...

I want it in Jeremie (grand anse).

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Jocelyne says...

I'm come from Hinche I gonna be happy to see that happen.

i wish president Martelly say yes to the the

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