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Tonton Bicha And Nice Simon

Here is a photo of Daniel Fils-Aime aka Tonton Bicha and Nice Simon, taken during the Haiti Star Parade for Kanaval 2008.

Daniel Fils-Aime is a haitian stand-up comedian, he is best known as old man [www.belfim.com/moun.php/10 Tonton Bicha].

[www.belfim.com/moun.php/11 Nice Simon] is a famous Haitian actress for her role as ANNE, Tonton Bicha's daughter, in the movie [www.belfim.com/movies.php/7 I Love You Anne]

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Une De Vos Admiratrice says...

Tonton bicha vous etes un beau bonhomme mais j'adore mieux encore tonton bicha comique.

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